Wake Up Dreams

If we desire only happiness,
as the Ferris wheel turns
the full 360 degree view is missed,
scrambling to stay on top
just a bit longer.
Is there another, more noble way?

In answer, a series of dreams came to wake me up.
Unlike endless “late to the gig” ones, in these
everything attempted worked out perfectly somehow,
everything desired came to pass without any grand effort,
like having a genie with an unlimited bag of wishes. . .

But, upon waking, feelings of vague distress
and finally an understanding, ending these dreams:
The genie and his bag led only
to a slow death. . .
Like the taste of too much candy,
desires were fulfilled,
yet something inside was being starved,
withering away.

Then the realization: without opposition,
my life force slowly dissipates—
a startling idea, deep in the gut:
I need struggle to remain strong.
I need discomfort—even pain sometimes—
to shed the skins of who I am now,
allowing something else to be born.
I need all of what comes—
    every event, every reaction
    every state of mind
    every bit of inspiration from the heavens
    every kick in the behind from the fates
—all of it, without exception.

Can I, then, from some sacred place inside,
    ‘will’ each thing that occurs—
    not needing to change any outcome, even if it were possible?
Can I honestly thank each catalyst for forward motion,
    no matter what happened?
Can I avoid the temptation of wanting
    a dream life of easy successes?
Can I remember?

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