Two Ways to Get to Now

What if I am not responsible,
in some fundamental way,
for all the myriad versions of myself
that have come and gone,
(including the one a second ago)?
What if all that
was just to get me here?
What if I refuse to be dragged backwards
to justify, explain, pretty-up all that happened?
What if all of it—both the good and the bad—
were simply cut loose, inside?
What would remain? . . .


What if I knew, and accepted,
that I would disappear from this earth
60 seconds from now?
What would be left of me during that minute,
if there was no future to plan for?
No past to justify?

Just me, here, now,
with these perceptions, these feelings.
A human being—quietly pulsing with life,
filled with gratitude for just that.

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