Two Views, One Truth

(with a nod to P.D. Ouspensky)

Funny how two contradictory viewpoints
can both have the ring of Truth.

In the Zen view,
we have no permanent,
“real” self—
all is flux,
only Now,
only the Void remaining.

Then there’s the feeling of ourselves
as actually existing through time—
a second ago,
then another now,
and into the future—
all alive simultaneously, inside—
like being a big long snake
stretching from our conception
to our demise.

Then we see:
any moment of this long snake
can be felt as a moment in Eternity—
luminous, multi-hued,
its richness extending
in all directions,
layer upon layer
of meaning upon meaning,
the perfect version of Now.

Two views reconciled
in Eternity.

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