Sage’s Advice

“On your worst day, prepare for your best;
and on your best day, prepare for your worst,”
a man of profound wisdom once said.

Since everything is in constant flux,
including our transitory states,
wouldn’t it be beautiful to change with it,
voluntarily, moment by moment?
Instead, always clinging with one hand
and pushing away with the other—
not a very graceful posture
to hold forever.

Imagine being free from that,
not afraid to be
wherever we are,
on the way somewhere,
instead of always
already arrived.

If I’m not mistaken,
life wants us to be
on our toes,
inside our bodies,
and attentive to everything,
in and around us.
If not this, then what was the world created for?
Just to ignore, to snore our way through?

Again and yet again,
life will wake us up,
if we let it.

Be ready
for anything,


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