Meditation on the Night Sky

Nighttime, far from human lights,
looking deep into the Milky Way,
ecstatic at the sheer immensity of it,
eyes open wider than seems possible.
Stars everywhere,
splattered completely at random,
yet at the same time,
brimming over with meaning
and incomprehensible beauty. . .

And then an overwhelming perception:
everything is linked together, held together,
—beyond description, beyond understanding—
made whole somehow
by the force of the One
we are all infinitesimal parts of—
the impression seared inside, forever.

Back on earth. . .
To see the heavens with that clarity,
the bustle of civilization must be left far behind.
For the same reason,
feeling the need for a deeper vision,
we sit in quiet.
Uncoupling from our daily affairs,
gradually three worlds take shape, one inside the other:
      The world everyone shares, sees, touches.
      Then closer in—sensations/emotions/thoughts,
      all the currents that make up “me” in each of us.
And, sometimes (even mundane moments, midday),
      residing at our core,
      simple, unalloyed consciousness
      —pristine, unshakable, watching everything. . .

We feel its awareness feeding our deepest selves,
connecting us somehow with realms
higher than anything we can know
down here on the ground.

Three worlds we live in,
each as real
as the Milky Way
on a crystal clear night,
stars blazing.

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