Meditation II

(to be recited one stanza at a time)

As we sit, we feel the sensation of our body holding us up.

We straighten the spine so that it finds its place of perfect balance,
opening up a pathway to a higher energy, above us.

We listen to the outside world around us—
feel it pulsing with life.

We observe our thoughts and feelings with the same objectivity—
just more life, coming and going.

We feel each breath, one at a time—each one like a prayer,
leading us inward.

The world, our individual self, a finer energy inside—
all connected by the breath, over and over.

The world, our individual self, a deeper Self inside—
three worlds, all strung together like beads on the breath.

Breath. . . . silence. . . . alive.

Breath. . . . silence. . . . gratitude,
even as we open our eyes,
to quietly start our day.

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