Man At Work

It seems that anything can be a ‘reminding factor,’
—a reminder to come back to ourselves,
to shake loose from our ‘waking dream.’
Come with me for a minute, if you would,
to see what I mean.

“Starting from anywhere:
the feeling of the computer keys under my fingers
leads to sensing what it is to be a living being,
inside this body. . .

Which opens up into the feeling of being a whole person,
full of sensations, thoughts, emotions, perceptions—
      each worth attending to
      each some sort of message
      from the place where Meaning comes from. . .

Which awakens a sense of being part of
an Indescribable Whole,
only lasting a second,
but mine nonetheless. . .

Then the inevitable descent
to a more ordinary state,
with all the bittersweet feelings
of finitude and loss,
resolution and constraint
that is my daily fare.
But even those—the cause of moments of real seeing,
real experiencing of what actually is. . .

Then gratitude for the soft, flesh landing
of snuggling into your arms. . .”

If anything and everything
can be a reminding factor,
then that puts us in a pretty good position—
if we’re
to be

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