Lived Moments

What could a moment contain?
We have an immediate understanding,
but does that have to be the end?
What else might be possible?

Diving beneath the surface,
we see the glint of pearls. . .

           “Slowing the moments down,
           knowing it’s no use to rush through life
           as if we were on the way
           to something more important.

The feeling of being like an iceberg,
our depths unknown, only the tip visible. . .

           All six senses fine-tuned,
           perceptions sharper, antennae up. . .

Discovering how to anchor ourselves in the moment,
to resist just being sucked away
to somewhere else. . .

           Open to something greater,
           we listen, in silence, for hidden voices. . .

Letting the taste of ‘what is’ linger a bit longer,
taking the bitter with the sweet, as it has to be. . .”

For any of this to happen, we’ll have to give up our
inner passivity, our somnambulance,
and actually dig down into
whatever comes, one
lived moment
into the

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