Gratitude on Principle

I have one eye that works well enough.
I eat every day.
The Nazis aren’t coming tonight
            to knock down my door.
The air is breathable.
My feet are just the right size
            to fit inside my socks.
I am not mentally ill.
The birds aren’t falling out of the sky
            for no reason. . .

This list could go on and on.

And even if each of them were taken away,
            one by one,
I bet it would be possible
to start a new list that would still give me
sufficient reason to wake up
            (and not just first thing in the morning),
and simply be grateful
            that I exist
            and get to partake in this world,
            for a little while.

And when the challenges start mounting up,
            is there still a way
            to lift my inner eyes to heaven in thanks?
Even for the absurdities of life,
            and my own imperfections—
            ­for the opportunity they present?
Even for my chains—
            for the freedom lying in wait there?

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