An Agnostic Approaches God

He wondered about God.
Not to deny or assent to Him, necessarily,
but how to approach the questions
that rolled around inside him.

He knew first-hand that there was something
greater than himself afoot in the Universe.
But his own relation to that Something
remained a mystery.

So he asked himself:

“Can I have contact with God without ‘religion’?
(no slick TV preachers, please)
Am I already being called, but just can’t hear it?

Does God need my praise and thanks?
Do I need to give it?

Can I get the help I need here?
How might I ask for this help?
What is in the way of my asking?

How can I pray when I don’t know
if there’s anyone on the receiving end?

What happens if I simply ignore these musings?
What happens if I don’t?”
Finally, he just gave thanks for the questions,
as he kept them alive inside himself.

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