A Work in Life

(a broadside to be wheatpasted to the inside of one’s being)

The Internal Workers Union (IWU) Issues a Manifesto:

We want freedom.
We want freedom from the bosses of our internal world—
        all the forces that have habitually enslaved us.
We want a free attention, a clarity of vision to replace
        these conditioned responses.
We want to be free from imposing the first particle of
        ‘what should be’ on ‘what actually is.’
We want freedom from any concern about our status
        on some mythical ‘scale of being.’
We aim for freedom from needing any particular outcome of events—
        so we can follow an internal thread from one moment to the next
        without being derailed.

                In the pursuit of these goals:

We are willing to take on the extra obligation of being present inside
        ourselves for as many of the normal events of our day as possible—
        a ‘Work in Life.’

                In service to this Work in Life:

We are willing to to live without endless validation, endless self-evaluation.
We are willing, if necessary, to let any self-image crumble,
        still trusting that our lives have validity.
We are willing to absorb pain, remain steadfast in the midst of our sufferings,
        in the pursuit of a deeper meaning.

                Once seen, we hold these truths to be self-evident:

That each event has an unspoken message for us. Not in words,
        but real, nonetheless. (Like now, for instance.)
That sacrifices made will transform into blessings in their own good time.
That being awake, at any point, is a gift, not just an obligation.

                We therefore call on all Internal Workers of the World to unite—
                and first of all, within ourselves.

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