A Tale of Inner Separation

A scared little guy inside
runs much of my machinery,
I’ve noticed.
Compelled to defend himself
—in advance, no less—
against any possible hurts,
he worries and scurries through life
and takes me with him, hypnotized.

Seeing this as fact one day, I asked,
“Do you want to spend
a good chunk of your life like this?”
The response didn’t require
any pulling up of bootstraps,
no judgment, recrimination, angst—
just seeing the truth,
and making the obvious move:
I simply sat him down and told him:
      that everything was fine,
      that there was no need to be afraid,
      that he could just relax
      without that causing any harm.
“If some hassle comes our way,
we’ll deal with it then,” I said,
and he understood that we would, in fact,
be able to deal with most anything
in that fashion.

He hasn’t disappeared, of course,
but at least we’re on speaking terms,
and that’s a good thing.

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