Just the Beginning

As a pure gift, a dream descended
from the heavens one night—
transporting me to a realm
more real than ‘real life.’

At the beginning of this dream, I died.
As my spirit was being born
out of my motionless body
it awakened to the fact that it is,
at the core, One with Everything.
It can’t really be spoken of,
but the rest of life paled by comparison
to that Beauty and Majesty
beyond words.

At one point, flying like Superman,
I look down at the trees and, at the same time,
astonished, I am the trees looking back up at me.

Then I lived my life all over again.
But this time, bathed in light,
watching from slightly above,
as well as inside myself,
I knew, full of compassion,
why each thing had to happen. . .

Being One with Everything,
of necessity, I was the dog
I petted and the dog I scolded,
as well as myself.
I felt, from the inside,
what everyone felt because of me,
good and bad, every step of the way.
Payment made in full,
down to the last penny.

Supported by an invisible hand
—and voluntarily embarked upon—
this journey through
Heaven and Hell is real, all right,
but much more fair
and to the point
than we’ve been led
to believe. . .

And only the beginning.

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